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Learning Swedish Like A Boss #1

So I know I promised to teach you some Swedish this weekend. Leadership is communication and communication includes languages. I wanted to this with a video blog, but for unforeseen reasons (my compu is making WEIRD noises when I use it for too long, especially with video and music stuff) I have to just give you the words as a list. I promise I will do my very best to make this video blog happen ASAP!

Me dressed up as 6th of June

Me dressed up as 6th of June

Basic Swedish:
Hi – Hej
Goodbye – Hejdå
Yes – Ja
No – Nej
How are you? – Hur mår du?
Today – Idag
Tomorrow – Imorgon
Yesterday – Igår
I´m from (insert country) – Jag kommer från …
Happy Birthday! – Grattis på födelsedagen!
I´m (so-and-so). What is your name? – Jag heter (so-and-so), vad heter du?
Howdy – Tjenis
I´m two peas in a pod with… – Jag är tjenis med…

Advanced Swedish:
Hello Mr Prime Minister! – Hej Fredrik! (Ok, so Mr., Ms., Mrs., etc. doesn´t exist in Sweden, we call everybody by their first name.)
Can I have a beer (/glass of wine) please? – Kan jag få en öl (/ett glas vin) tack?
Like A Boss – Som En Chef
Who´s that hot guy/chick? – Vem är den där snygga killen/tjejen?
Does this move pass the Bechdel test? – Har den här filmen klarat Bechdel-testet?
Why is it so dark and cold here??? – Varför är det så mörkt och kallt här???
Can I take my paternity leave here? – Kan jag ta min pappaledighet här?
[To have a sport´s club to cheer for] – Skellefteå AIK

Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks to Allison (@aconk_12) Fredrik (@fredrikhjorth) Lindsay (@bendlikebeckman) plus Maggan for the inspiration!


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    great H!!

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