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Hang In There…

“I want you to have big dreams, big goals. I want you to strive to achieve them. But I don’t want to see you beating yourself up every time you make a mistake.”
– Kelley Armstrong, The Gathering

When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. 
– Harriet Beecher Stowe

…I´m with you.

Hilz telling it as it is

Ok, so if you want to read just one fun and great and powerful thing today, please check this out!

Makes me proud to my core. 


The Importance of Creativity and Creating


My second blog post that came out of going running yesterday is about creating and creativity. There are many of us that loose our inspiration and determination when working with tasks that are, according to us, boring and uninspiring. Unfortunately, these tasks often come in our way of ourselves and our work, especially now, at the beginning of our careers  We run errands, perform administrative tasks, duties that others throw at us because we are lower than them than the hierarchy. And sure, that´s what work is like, and it is what we have to do when we begin our careers.

That´s why it is so important to feel like we also bring something to the table, that we contribute, that we are actually part of something that is important to us. That we create. That´s why I urge you to create yourselves, to use your creativity in other ways, and maybe not always at work and  in the normal work environment.

One example could be to start blogging, like I did. My mental capacity and my thoughts and aspirations come out here, at least existing in some part out there in cyberspace for you to see.
Another example could be to create something concrete, something you can touch and feel and look at. Something that makes you proud of yourself, makes you think “I did this, it is my creation, and it brightens my day up.” There is importance and soul in making something of your own.

I know we block ourselves in this though, that everything has to be perfect, and then we make nothing at all because we KNOW it won´t be good enough. Let me therefore give you some inspiration of things that is almost impossible to fail at, stuff that you can make yourselves, for relatively little money:

1. Cake/jewellery/[insert own idea] plates. Go to your closest thrift store. Buy a few plates, glasses and/or candle-holders. Pass by the craft store, buy super glue. Put the plates (preferably one at the bottom for stability), candle holders, cups like a tower and glue them together with super glue. TADA! [picture of my own to come]
2. Sweet photoframe/necklace/[thing of your choice]. Go to your thrift store and buy plastic animals (I bought 10 the other day for less than 5 bucks). If they have photo frames, get a few of those as well, bust cheaper and eco-friendlier than buying new ones. Buy spray paint of choice (I got gold ofc). Clean the animals with water and soap and let dry. Spray paint.
You can also spray paint the frames, little boxes, jars, etc. let dry and spray paint another layer.
Use your super glue and glue the animals to the frames or boxes, or bind a string/chain/other around one and use as a necklace.
This is also a great gift for somebody who has their own “special animal,” make their own special presents for this.
3. Tea. Buy loose tea and tea bags. Put some tea in each and sow shut/staple together. Make your own tea bag labels, preferable associating to your tea (nah, be free! Do whatever the hell YOU want). Use a box/jar/whatever (maybe spray paint???) and put in. Keep yourself, or give as a gift.
4. Get thrifted mugs/new ones, but get some eco friendly fair trade ones my friend. Use some porcelain paint (or sharpies, do they really work???) and make a big-ass great letter for yourself or a friend. I mean, who doesn´t want a mug with their initials on painted in large letters? I´d love some thank you very much. Follow instructions on paint box, usually you´re supposed to put the mug in the oven for a while. 
5. Knit something. If you can´t, there are a lot of instructions on the tube, or on websites. All you need to do is knit straight, back and forth, and Wow, a scarf! I recently found bunches of left-over yarn at home and have been hysterically knitting and finished four scarves. I am giving all of them away. 
6. Get some cool tags for your creations. I ordered these black ones, and it says my name on them. It feels good to be reppin´!
OTHER THINGS: Make nail designs, bread, granola, cupcakes, letterheads, stamps, drawings. Only you set the limits!
Hit me with your best advice!
Much creative and creating inspirational love,

More music to take your Sunday blues away!

After a few days lacking inspiration and struggling with technology (my compu is sad and  blogging from the phone is not an option) I am now back!

I went running for the first time in a while today and almost immediately was inspired for (at least) two new blog posts. So keep a look out during the day!

First this, some more songs for you to get inspired and uplifted during this crappy thing that´s called Sunday. But it doesn´t have to be crappy! Let´s make something out of it!

Loreen – Euphoria. Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with this great song and a wonderful performance. As if that wasn´t enough, she showed that artists matter in the struggle for human rights as she met with and talked to human rights organizations in Azerbijan during her time there.

Icona Pop – We Got The World

Lilla Namo – Höj Volymen (Turn up the volume) Swedish hip hop at its best.

Much love from me to you,

This is my body


To be self-destructive

This past weekend I spent at a volunteer education event for my local girls´ shelter. The girls´shelter isn´t really a shelter, more a support line/chat for young women between the ages of 12 and 25 (ish).

There are so many more details and so many more things to think about when supporting girls that I am aware of now, or at least have considered. There were so many stories in the room, and when talking about super interesting things over lunch with some of the women, I could hear equally as important and interesting discussions all around the room.

One thing that I did think about, that found me there and then, is that we may not be aware of how much damage we are doing to ourselves. We were talking about self-destructive behavior, and I have automatically just put physical harm in the category, such as cutting yourself, starvation or obsessive eating.

But come to think about it, this behavior stems from psychological instability (as far as I have understood it), and there are many other things that we do yo cause ourselves harm because we are not feeling good on the inside. I came to think of the fact that I battle negative thoughts about myself that are mentally beating myself up. Negative thoughts about my looks, social skills, intelligence or likeability and loveability. I am considering this beating myself up mentally, and that is also a type of self-destructive behavior.

Another one is the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. One may not think of somebody that drinks “a little too much a little too often” as somebody who is mistreating themselves, and having a self-destructive behavior, but I think they are. I have absolutely had too much alcohol to drink during the periods in my life when I have felt the worst. So maybe don´t just laugh at your friend next time she has too much to drink, be aware of the signs and patterns and act on your instincts when you feel you are right. Your friend needs you.

Much love,

When you need a powerful pick-me-up

Whenver I´m feeling louse/out of energy/bad-mooded/disappointed/etc. I listen to music that makes me feel powerful. I can´t do it with some lame sexist music that´s demeaning towards women, so I mostly listen stuff that´s made by powerful women, ignoring signs that they are conforming to patriarchal structures. If you´re feeling down, please listen to this:













What do you you listen to when you want to cheer yourself up/get energized?

Why I´m considering not having children

Besides from the fact that I´m not great with very little sleep, I´m not ready and poop is gross, I find it very hard to believe that I will be able to successfully both have a career and take care of my kids in the way that they need to be taken care of/the way I want to be able to be there for them.

I come from a country with relatively generous possibilities to stay at home for a while (both for women and men). This is great, and I am happy about it. But what I am afraid of is that I will stagnate in my work during the years of kids because I will be expected to work a lot and not be able to be home in the flexible way that I would like. Solution: find a stay-at-home dad? Not have kids? Right now, it seems like the latter is the best choice.

And then think about the countries where you´re supposed to pop out the baby and get back to work within a few days? Geezz, then I do (kind of) understand that one parents chooses to stay at home for an extended amount of time.

This is an important video and article, please watch and read:


The importance of your own space

When I was in college I shared a room during two years. Freshman year, half of junior year and half of senior year. I was relatively lucky because I got along pretty well with all of my three room mates, but I am happy that this time of my life is over. When I was 6ish I also shared a room with my brothers, but since I was 9 or so and all the way up until college I have had my own room. 

I understand the positive sides with sharing a room with somebody in college, at least during your first year. It got a lot easier for me to meet new people since I always had B to talk to, and I got to meet the people she knew. I don´t think I could have had a better room mate than her my first year, because she was able to feel my mood and relate to me. We also did a lot of things together, ate together, bough booze together, went for spring break, etc. 

The thing though, with room mates, is that you are never sure when you will be alone. I am a social person, but in order to function well with other people, I need to be alone and recharge at least some part of my day. Since I spent a lot of time at the library, I was able to be alone there, even though it was always associated to studying. 

During sophomere year I was an RA (resident advisor, in charge of a floor with 20ish girls), which gave me the benefit of my own room. To be able to close my door, lock it, and spend as much time as I wanted alone in there was truly awesome for me. It is powerful to get to decide what one should do, not have to care about laying in bed an entire Sunday, watching tv shows and indulging mac´n´cheese and popcorn. 

I agree with Virginia Woolf, a woman (or any human being) needs her own room and space to be able to gather her thoughts and work, to rest and come out of there as a new person. I know many people that claim that they hate being alone, and always want to be around people. But I think we could all benefit from bein on our own, because it makes us get to know ourselves and to relax in our thoughts. (Photo cred: aroom.org)


Having your own room also makes it possible to do things that you want to be alone doing: draw, eat candy, masturbate, make out (this one includes partner), lay in your bed facing the ceiling, etc. All things that are good for you, and makes you take care of yourself. 

Spend some time alone today, doing nothing or doing something. After all, it´s Sunday. 

Best birth control EVER

As a great woman leader you do of course want to have the ability to decide over your own body and when to have kids (if you want kids). Plus that gives you power over your sex life. All you can do is be in charge of your own body, but I have multiple friends that have been on the pill and gotten depressed, mood swings, decreased interest in sex, etc. All those things you just really don´t want.

Of course there are always the condoms, but it ain´t as a great at this new thing: There´s this great new contraceptive that my friend Layzoor did a paper on last year, made for men. 

Really no side effects, no hormones, easy peasy, and you don´t have to remember a pill! Can we please have this developed further?
Read all about it here:



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