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How to Be Alone

I just got a comment by Clara who had read my previous post Finding your worth, not as single, but as an individual and recommended this video and encouraged me! Thank you Clara, suggestions and positive responses are so great and I really do love the video.
So this video is showing all the great things you can do on your own, and highlights why one should be alone and what good that comes out of it.
It is true that society expects us to not be alone, but being alone is so important in order to know yourself and develop as a human being. I think being alone is the best. If I go too long without hanging out with myself enough, I get anxious and stressed. Just being by myself puts me at ease and relaxes me. And makes me love me.
I hope all is well with you all out there, take care of yourselves and be alone with yourselves.

Poem written and performed by Tanya Davis
Animation, photography and editing by Andrea Dorfman

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