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Push Through

The fall semester of 2014 is coming to an end. Yes, here in Sweden we are still on fall 2014 time, at least in the university world. This semester has been my thesis semester for my M.A. in Political Science at Stockholm University. It has been hard. Academically and personally. I am now preparing to survive the last shaky hours of this week, and then beginning my final semester at the university before the real life in the real world starts.

I am shaky and breathless. My head is filled with air and all I really want is to work out and drink wine and meet friends and sleep a lot and not think at all. But I have to push through. I have to push through this last week even though I dread it to a high extent. I try to imagine myself and how happy I will be when this week is over. It will be over soon. Then I will be happier. Will I?

It has been a wonderful semester in so many ways. The most important part has been my stay in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I got to interview young women leaders within activist work. They have inspired me so much and I am eternally grateful that they gave of their time and experiences so I could write this thesis.

Think of me this week, will you? Send me happy and positive thoughts and strength. Thank you. ❤


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