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New circumstances, new ideas

When I was unemployed this summer, my uncle told me that I needed to “get out in the official world and get some ideas.” What he meant was that by sitting at home and writing one billion job applications would get me no new ideas. It would probably just bore me to death, which is usually what happens with this kind of stuff. Instead, just by going for a stroll in the city, I would run into people, see signs, watch events and challenge my brain to come up with new ideas and thoughts.

And this actually works. When you feel like everything is going to the shitters, which happens quite often for me, then moping around inside, feeling like you don´t want to bother anyone only helps to a certain degree. Getting out there, may it be for coffee with a friend or listening to an author talk about their new book possibly opens up new rooms in you.


I have recently begun getting involved with my local UN Women organization. It has made me realize more and more that there are other out there that want to work with women´s leadership, equality, and that it doesn´t have to be so hard to do. I go to a book circle every month where we talk about the CEDAW, the UN document for women´s equal rights. There may not be a lot of us there, but the insight and the energy I get from talking to there people has made me consider running for office in the organization.

And then there´s the random talks on Skype or chats that I have with my friends in other parts of the world. Just a few minutes ago, I chatted with my friend Hailzor, the person who saved me from dying the year I worked as a Resident Advisor (RA) my sophomore year on college. During the few minutes we chatted, I got so energized from hearing about her life in L.A., her job, living situation. She gave me two great sites for inspiration for this blog and she made me even more encouraged that we young women do have a place in thir world, and how we are capable and deserving of changing the world for the better. That´s a great friend (and may I add vegetarian too, now? She thinks of it all.)

So, all in all, when your thoughts are going down and your spirit with it: Get out there, join a book club, a study circle, call a friend, send a card. Put yourself in the position where you can see something new.


PS. You should def start following hailzor  on Twitter. She´s smart, funny and gorgeous! @hailzor is her name!


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