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“We can all change the world”

Please watch this inspirational clip with Cecilia Andrén Nyström, a young leader in the world. She is helping young girls and women grow in Mozambique, through the force of football (or as Americans call it, soccer). Yup, this makes me want to get out there and really do something!


Why I´m considering not having children

Besides from the fact that I´m not great with very little sleep, I´m not ready and poop is gross, I find it very hard to believe that I will be able to successfully both have a career and take care of my kids in the way that they need to be taken care of/the way I want to be able to be there for them.

I come from a country with relatively generous possibilities to stay at home for a while (both for women and men). This is great, and I am happy about it. But what I am afraid of is that I will stagnate in my work during the years of kids because I will be expected to work a lot and not be able to be home in the flexible way that I would like. Solution: find a stay-at-home dad? Not have kids? Right now, it seems like the latter is the best choice.

And then think about the countries where you´re supposed to pop out the baby and get back to work within a few days? Geezz, then I do (kind of) understand that one parents chooses to stay at home for an extended amount of time.

This is an important video and article, please watch and read:


What Swedish words do you need to learn?

Hit me with it! I’ll teach you this weekend!

Nobel Prize disappointing facts

So today is the Nobel Prize 2012 dinner. That means the following:
– Fancy schmancy outfits (by the ladies mostly)
– Awkward English from the Swedish king
– “New Cirkus” performance by Cirkus Cirkör (don´t ask)

… aaaand waaay more male prize winners than female. No surprise. What is a surprise though was that a group of people this morning in one of Sweden´s largest newspapers argued that the Nobel prize committees need to open up their work to more women. This a group of male and female authors, journalists, professors and others.

This is the link for those of you that read Swedish: http://www.dn.se/debatt/bara-gubbar-far-nobelpris—sa-satsar-vi-pa-kvinnorna

Freely translated this means “Only old me win the Nobel prize – this is how we can invest in women.”
Out of 861, only 44 prizes have been awarded to women. The great majority of the representatives in the Nobel committees are men, and the people writing this article argue that men will continue to choose men as recipients of the prizes. They are encouraging the committees to nominate as many women as men, with the same or higher levels of experience and knowledge.

Now I have seen some reactions by people who think that this is using quotas, which, according to them, is unfair. But those who believe that the authors of the debate article are writing this are wrong. What they want to accomplish here is to open up for new thoughts and new nominations for women that are have just as much merit as these men, they just don´t have the connection or the body parts that the men do.

I think this is a great idea and I welcome new points of view and fresh thoughts in these old committee.
In the words of the authors of the article: “Let´s get rid of the Old Men Prizes – Long live the Nobel Prizes!”

Ya Look Good,

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