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Women in the media

So after watching part of The Two Towers I needed to share this great project with you. “Miss Representation.” As we know, Lord of The Rings isn´t exactly filled with women. Yeah, I saw one that is actually part of the story and then a few pass by as mothers, daughters, nobody special. Don´t judge me for not remembering names here, I don´t really remember any other names than the ones mentioned relatively frequent. Plus I was knitting at the time (yes I´m skilled) and had to make sure art was really created.

Last year I co-founded an organization called Women In Power (WIP) at my college and we hosted a screening of this movie. It points at many important thing that needs to be talked about with women in the media. If you ever get a chance to watch it, do it! There are so many amazing and inspiring women in this movie, plus a few men.
(Jackson Katz, an expert on masculinity, is in the movie. I am so sad that it is so rare to see men like him. He is amazing, and if you are interested in masculinity I would recommend his film Tough Guise.)


PS. I have already seen The Two Towers, so I really just watched the beginning and end of the movie because I watched Mama Mia! in the middle. Talk about women in there! Meryl Streep, you´re my hero.

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