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Friday inspirational quote

“This has always been a man’s world, and none of the reasons that have been offered in explanation have seemed adequate.”
– Simone de Beauvoir

Friday Thought: We accept the love we think we deserve


(Photo cred: The “We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve” page on Facebook)
Last night I stayed up way too late
making a scarf and watching a movie called “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” It´s about Charlie, a freshman in high school who is going through tough times and making new friends. I really recommend you watching it because it´s amovie about youth, friendship, growing up and the problems we face. The novel the movie is based on is written by Stephen Chbovsky

The quote that got to me the most was this: “We accept the love we think we deserve.” It´s said to Charlie by his English teacher when he asks why people stay with people that treat them badly. The quote got to me because I believe it´s accurate. So many times I have stayed with someone I think is good for me, but realized that the person doesn´t treat me right, doesn´t challenge me intellectually or doesn´t appreciate me for who I am.

And on the other side, I have left those that were probably the ones that would treat me right, who would love me for me and challenge me in different ways. I´m sure this is the trouble for many people, men and women, but as this blog is for and inspired by young women and their leadership, I will focus on them. When I was in college, I would see so many women (including myself) that were brilliant, smart, edgy, beautiful and caring having relationships with a partner that wasn´t there for them, physically or intellectually. They were giving their all to a partner that wasn´t there on so many levels.

I have seen women support and challenge their significant other in positive ways, just to see them getting close to nothing in return. Is it because we believe that we do not deserve better? I think so, we want so bad to make things work with a person that is just not worth our time or effort, that do not understand the amazingness of our inner self and the people that we are and what we can be.

Think about it today, We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve. And find that person that gives us the love we deserve.

Happy Friday to you!

It´s in the am here in Sweden and if you didn´t die from sweet overload last night, I hope you´re up and happy, bright and early!

Let´s make a deal, shall we? Let´s make something great out of this day! Think about it, it´s Friday, so you´re probably already in a good mood, will have more patience and more energy today. If you´re not dressed yet, put something on that makes you happy and good about yourself. Treat yourself to a good and healthy breakfast and leave the house in time to enjoy your morning ride/walk to wherever you are going.

Text a friend today, tell them what they mean to you and how happy you are to have them. Run ou ton your break and get some fruit or sweets for the co-workers, just to add some fun to the day. Time to give somebody a call to meet up later? Or invite some people over for dinner, just pick up a few things at the grocery store and get going. Let´s not make it complicated, just good.

Listen to some good songs on the radio or whatever music player you may have. Give yourself time today, and trust in yourself. You will make things happen.


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