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How to talk to your daughter about her body

This, my friends, is an excellent way to talk to your daughter about your body. 

Being bossy



I agree with the above quote. It has been proven time and time again that girls get very little attention in the classroom compared to the boys. If you´re a loud and outgoing girl, you are less likely to be accepted for that, teachers take it much more seriously and you are told to be disturbing. The acceptance for boys being loud is much higher. Think back on your own time in school, remember how there was always a group of boys talking an playing around? They were accepted. If a girl behaved the same way she would be a disturbance. Society tells us this and it is not ok. I see this in myself as well, I am more likely to think that guys that talk out loud are funny and nothing to care about, while I do not have the same level of acceptance towards talking girls. But you know what? As long as I identify the problem in myself, I am on a way to change a pre-learned pattern. Think about it actively, how do you treat boys/girls and men/women differently. There are very few people who are not brainwashed by society on how we should behave.

Lead those leadership talented women into success by listening to them and respecting what they have to say.

So yes, I agree with the above mentioned quote. Also, I want all the quiet and shy girls to be seen and appreciated for who they are. If you conform to society´s general view of how a woman should behave (which I have done through most of my upbringing) you believe that there will be a reward for always being correct. But sometimes that behavior has a price; you will be scared of speaking up in case you will say something wrong, you will not wear crazy clothes out of fear that people won´t like you, and you will continue behaving in a way that will never get you in trouble, but never take andy risks and have fun either. 

So respect and listen to the quiet girls as well, sometimes we continue to tie the binds that were made for use by society, and that gets really hard to untangle. There´s no wrong or right way of behaving, I just wish that everybody would find their way, no matter what society tells them. 

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