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Don´t f-ing tell me what to do! I smile whenever I want to.

My apologies for the above suggestion that you should smile because you are at my site. Geez, my blog is good, but that´s no reason you should be smiling. My explanation is that this comes with the default settings for this blog and really I should change it asap.

For some reason, other people sometimes tells me to smile. It is sometimes in situations when I am mad, when I´m angry disappointed or sad. Aka situations when I REALLY do not want to smile. It can also be in other situations, as a good-bye in an e-mail or such. You know what happens when people tell me to smile? I GET PISSED OFF!
Look, I am aware that I am not in a good mood, or maybe just in any mood except that I am not smiling. Smiling will definitely not make this mood go away, it just makes me feel stupid that I would be such a shallow person that just by smiling, all the bad stuff would go away.

Don´t mess with me.

Don´t mess with me.

Yes, I know that smiling per se makes us happier, and that a forced smile is better than none for that, but I do not want to smile when somebody tells me to, because it is my friggin´ right to decide when to smile and when not to. Don´t tell me what to do!

The other thing is that women are expected to smile more, and also do, than men. When a person is smiling, they are perceived as less threatening, and I think that is why us women are expected to smile more than men. We smile when we meet new people, when somebody do us a favor, when we run into friends, when there´s babies/kittens/cartoons around (or at least we are supposed to). Men are just never expected to smile. They can just go along with a straight face and are seen as normal people, while women who do not smile enough are seen as boring, aggressive, disturbed or not feminine.

PUH-LEASE! Don´t tell me what to do, and don´t expect me to smile upon being TOLD to do so. Then I will do it even less. Smiling is in one way to ask for acceptance and I am currently practicing not smiling (just check out my profile picture for this blog).

(BUT a smile in the right situation can change the whole thing. Makes another person less aggressive, way great thing to do when flirting and to give to a person that actually do deserve a smile. So I´m saving those smiles and holding them becak when they just come automatically and stereotypically.)

I guess you´re ok...

I guess you´re ok…

Ya look good when you smile AND when you do not.

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