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Inspiring organization: Hunt Alternatives Fund

My mom went to a wedding in the U.S. last weekend and being the sociable, outgoing fabulous woman that she is, she did of course bond with some other wedding guests. Not only did my mother dominate the dance floor (she showed me the pics), but she did also talk to a woman working for the Hunt Alternatives Fund, and she recommended I look it up. 

What an organization! It has been so inspiring to look at their website! This how they describe their mission:
Hunt Alternatives Fund brings daring goals, distinctive perspectives, innovative practices, and extraordinary talent to some of the world’s most complex and injurious challenges. Since its founding in Denver in 1981, the Fund has contributed more than $100 million to social change through a blend of grantmaking and operating programs. Currently advocating for inclusive peace processes, combating the demand for purchased sex, inspiring women to political leadership, supporting social movement leaders, and strengthening youth arts organizations in eastern Massachusetts, the Fund convenes allies, builds their capacity, and empowers them to achieve systemic change.

The organization works with five different programs:
Inclusive Security
Demand Abolition
Political Parity
Prime Movers
Artwork for Kids

(click on name to read more about each project!)

ImageSwanee Hunt (photo cred: huntsalternative.org)

Here you can watch an interview with Hunts Alternative Fund founder Swanee Hunt talking about gender parity in American politics (Conk, watch this!). Her organization also works internationally with women´s leadership. Isn´t she the coolest!? Also, for you American citizens, Hunt Alternatives Fund is hiring! Since I´m not American, I believe I cannot apply for these positions, but I would love to! Maybe I will still do it, just because it sounds amazing!

Feel the inspiration! 


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