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Famous Favorites: Kate Beckett

When studying in the U.S. I would (when my schedule allowed for it) spend a few hours on Saturdays and Sundays catching up on TV series. I cannot handle shows where there is not at least one strong and cool female character/lack of intelligence, and hence I am very picky with what I am watching (Bechdel test anyone?). I am not sure that this show that I am about to recommend passes the Bechdel test, but Kate Becket sure does.

Not to spoil anything, but the show Castle is about NYPD detective Kate Beckett and author Rick Castle. Watch it. Kate Beckett is amazing, portrayed by Stana Katic.

Here´s some clips from the first 100 episodes:

Why do I love this? Because it show just her, her expressions, many different, no words. Even if you have not seen the show, I think you would appreciate this.

Also, this is great:


Happy Friday!


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