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I am funny! (On the inside…)

Woowoowoow, it´s already Thursday???!!! Geezz, where did the time go? I don´t know.

That´s not true, I know where it went. It´s just that because I now have somewhere to live and a job to go to (I start Monday), my brain went blank and I have not done anything else in the past few days than meeting up with friends and frequented second hand stores for furniture. Something I think you all should do! Mother Earth will love you.

Anyhow, if there´s something I would really love to be it is this: funny. I want to be the sharp, wise-cracker making sly comments that are seriously funny all the time. What´s my problem? I´m very self-aware. I´m aware of how I look, walk, sit, talk, and by thinking about all of these things all the time I am for some reason blocking my sharp brain and mouth from making life more fun.

Are you really funny may you ask me? You know what? For your information, my brother told my mom that he thinks I´m funnier than Soran Ismail (Swedish comedian, whom I also know from my time as a student council coolio). That my friends is a compliment. Ok, he´s in my family, but whatevs.

Apparantly becoming funny takes a lot of practice. And since it is not my plan to become a stand-up comedian anytime soon I will lay low on this one. What I will work on will be just talking whenever I feel like I have a joke. It may not be perfect, but since I warned you I expect you to politely laugh. Is it more ok for men than women to be funny? I think so. I´m not going to get into the horribleness of the Oscars (I didn´t watch, just saw the bits and pieces that were horrible the day after), but I was so impressed by the coolness of Jennifer Lawrence. I was also sad to hear the STUPID questions they asked her, but hey, that´s what journalists do, right?

Photo cred: justjared.com

Photo cred: justjared.com

Anyhow, JenLaw is cool because she´s funny, rocking a dress, falling on stairs, never losing her cool, and has some real bite in her responses. Watch and get inspired:


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