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Is it for a girl or a boy?

After attending the annual meeting for Save the Children in Uppsala yesterday, my friend KC picked me up and we went for a drive to the mall. Malls in Sweden are still weird to me, but it is a great way to just stroll around and look at people on a lazy Saturday.

KC bought a pair of wineglasses for a friend, a friend who is 25-something years old (obvi, hence wine glasses). When she is about to get them wrapped by the woman in the store, she asks “Is the present for a boy or a girl?” [LOLZ. Pause to be stunned.] To which KC sharply responds “It´s a really tough chick, so yes, use the black ribbon.” She got a present wrapped in golden paper and black ribbon. I have no idea what the “female” present-wrapping looked like.

I definitely didn´t expect anybody to ask if the person the present was wrapped for was a girl or a boy. Maybe in a toy store, where they stereotype gender, ok. Not in a store for kitchen supplies. Jeezz, why would she ask that question? Ok, so KC bought wine glasses. The person the present was for obviously had to be 18 or older, or else it would be pretty useless. A person that age probably doesn´t care if their present is “wrapped for a girl or a boy.” You know what, I don´t think anybody would care. Especially since baby blue and baby pink was not involved in the equation. Only gold, black and probably potentially some white.

Dear Cervera at Gränby Centrum, please stop gender stereotyping your presents and colors.

Toodles Noodles,


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2 thoughts on “Is it for a girl or a boy?

  1. belinda on said:

    hahahaha 🙂

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