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I am not that person you like

Let´s see if I can write this blog entry without getting lost in translation.

We all want to be liked, right? But do we want to be liked for the the “right” reasons? Why is it so hard to let go of the haters and only care about those who love who you are and what you do? I´ve spent a lot of time worrying about what others may think of me. And then, if I think they don´t like me, what to do to make them like me?

I hardly ever spend time appreciating people that already like me (or at least a lot less). You know, friends and family that are always around no matter what, those that love you for who YOU are. Instead, I´m going over in my head “that person doesn´t seem to be a fan of me, what should I do to make them change their mind?”

GUESS WHAT? There´s really no reason to spend time on those people, because if they don´t like you to begin with, they´re probs not going to like the fake version of you either. And I don´t want to behave like a person that they would like, because it would probably be a pretty lame person. (Since that´s not really me, I mean.)

Think of it, when I am trying to impress a person to want to be with me, I am giving them a person who is not really ME. And maybe they like that person, but then they like a non-existing individual. And if I am liked for somebody I am NOT, then I am wasting my time being with somebody who would rather be with somebody else. And most of all, I am wasting my time being sith somebody who doesn´t like me for me. A so-called Loose-Loose situation.

So from now on, I will not try to be that constantly laid-back, giggly, non-ambitious woman I sometimes think people like. Because if there´s something I have realized, it´s that I´m none of the above. (Well, I´m giggly and laid-back when I WANT to.)

And it may hurt, that it doesn´t work out with somebody (be it friend or partner) just because we´re just not a good fit. But it´s ok to be with those people as well, as long as they like you for you and me for me.

Ok, I hope that made sense.

Robyn. Photo cred: kulturbolaget.seImage



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2 thoughts on “I am not that person you like

  1. belinda on said:

    reading my mind babe!

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