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Make-up (Pros and Cons)

Makeup. I wasn´t allowed to wear it until I was 15, and as the good girl I was, I never even tried wearing it before that special birthday. I wanted to wear make-up at my confirmation (at age 14) but just assumed that I would not be allowed to. My mom later told me that she would have let me, if I would have just asked.

We had a girl in my class that was, shall we call it, well-developed physically and was free to experiment with clothes and make-up. There was no real envy from my side to her, she was an open.minded, free spirit, and I was really just fascinated by her. She did what she liked and felt free enough to create her own style.

Myself, it took me forever to work up the guts to experiment with my looks. Much thanks to my friend Maria, our two 15-year-old selves experimented with yellow and green eye-shadow, lots and lots of black eye make-up and dark nail polish colors. She also taught me that make-up is fun, it is a way to look different and to feel different from time to time. Using make-up lets you get to know your face and your features. (This pic is from a UN party when we were 18.)


Cred: Maria

Photo cred: Maria (2005)

I once read in a magazine that women are mostly ok with their faces because they get so used to seeing them in the mirror every day. Maybe that should be a trick to try with our bodies?

Anyhow, a problem with make-up is the two signals society sends us: 1) Women should look natural and 2) Women should look pretty.

What does this mean? Well, it means that women should take care of their looks, pay attention to their faces and make sure to “look good.” BUT at the same time, women should look natural and NOT “made-up” aka, other people shouldn´t notice that they are not wearing make-up.

Who hasn´t heard somebody say “I like it when you´re natural” yet at the same time realized that there´s no way he/she means when I am not wearing any make-up at all. No, I should wear make-up in a natural way. “Normal” colors, that makes me look just a tid bit like a better verson of myself.

All in all, wear the make-up you want, don´t be afraid to experiment with your looks. OR don´t wear make-up at all, do as you please. YOU define what is natural for you, and YOU decide for yourself.


PS. I´m wearing green eye-liner and green mascare today. You know, to spice things up. And they match my green dress. BOOM.


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