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The Importance of Creativity and Creating


My second blog post that came out of going running yesterday is about creating and creativity. There are many of us that loose our inspiration and determination when working with tasks that are, according to us, boring and uninspiring. Unfortunately, these tasks often come in our way of ourselves and our work, especially now, at the beginning of our careers  We run errands, perform administrative tasks, duties that others throw at us because we are lower than them than the hierarchy. And sure, that´s what work is like, and it is what we have to do when we begin our careers.

That´s why it is so important to feel like we also bring something to the table, that we contribute, that we are actually part of something that is important to us. That we create. That´s why I urge you to create yourselves, to use your creativity in other ways, and maybe not always at work and  in the normal work environment.

One example could be to start blogging, like I did. My mental capacity and my thoughts and aspirations come out here, at least existing in some part out there in cyberspace for you to see.
Another example could be to create something concrete, something you can touch and feel and look at. Something that makes you proud of yourself, makes you think “I did this, it is my creation, and it brightens my day up.” There is importance and soul in making something of your own.

I know we block ourselves in this though, that everything has to be perfect, and then we make nothing at all because we KNOW it won´t be good enough. Let me therefore give you some inspiration of things that is almost impossible to fail at, stuff that you can make yourselves, for relatively little money:

1. Cake/jewellery/[insert own idea] plates. Go to your closest thrift store. Buy a few plates, glasses and/or candle-holders. Pass by the craft store, buy super glue. Put the plates (preferably one at the bottom for stability), candle holders, cups like a tower and glue them together with super glue. TADA! [picture of my own to come]
2. Sweet photoframe/necklace/[thing of your choice]. Go to your thrift store and buy plastic animals (I bought 10 the other day for less than 5 bucks). If they have photo frames, get a few of those as well, bust cheaper and eco-friendlier than buying new ones. Buy spray paint of choice (I got gold ofc). Clean the animals with water and soap and let dry. Spray paint.
You can also spray paint the frames, little boxes, jars, etc. let dry and spray paint another layer.
Use your super glue and glue the animals to the frames or boxes, or bind a string/chain/other around one and use as a necklace.
This is also a great gift for somebody who has their own “special animal,” make their own special presents for this.
3. Tea. Buy loose tea and tea bags. Put some tea in each and sow shut/staple together. Make your own tea bag labels, preferable associating to your tea (nah, be free! Do whatever the hell YOU want). Use a box/jar/whatever (maybe spray paint???) and put in. Keep yourself, or give as a gift.
4. Get thrifted mugs/new ones, but get some eco friendly fair trade ones my friend. Use some porcelain paint (or sharpies, do they really work???) and make a big-ass great letter for yourself or a friend. I mean, who doesn´t want a mug with their initials on painted in large letters? I´d love some thank you very much. Follow instructions on paint box, usually you´re supposed to put the mug in the oven for a while. 
5. Knit something. If you can´t, there are a lot of instructions on the tube, or on websites. All you need to do is knit straight, back and forth, and Wow, a scarf! I recently found bunches of left-over yarn at home and have been hysterically knitting and finished four scarves. I am giving all of them away. 
6. Get some cool tags for your creations. I ordered these black ones, and it says my name on them. It feels good to be reppin´!
OTHER THINGS: Make nail designs, bread, granola, cupcakes, letterheads, stamps, drawings. Only you set the limits!
Hit me with your best advice!
Much creative and creating inspirational love,

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