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To be self-destructive

This past weekend I spent at a volunteer education event for my local girls´ shelter. The girls´shelter isn´t really a shelter, more a support line/chat for young women between the ages of 12 and 25 (ish).

There are so many more details and so many more things to think about when supporting girls that I am aware of now, or at least have considered. There were so many stories in the room, and when talking about super interesting things over lunch with some of the women, I could hear equally as important and interesting discussions all around the room.

One thing that I did think about, that found me there and then, is that we may not be aware of how much damage we are doing to ourselves. We were talking about self-destructive behavior, and I have automatically just put physical harm in the category, such as cutting yourself, starvation or obsessive eating.

But come to think about it, this behavior stems from psychological instability (as far as I have understood it), and there are many other things that we do yo cause ourselves harm because we are not feeling good on the inside. I came to think of the fact that I battle negative thoughts about myself that are mentally beating myself up. Negative thoughts about my looks, social skills, intelligence or likeability and loveability. I am considering this beating myself up mentally, and that is also a type of self-destructive behavior.

Another one is the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. One may not think of somebody that drinks “a little too much a little too often” as somebody who is mistreating themselves, and having a self-destructive behavior, but I think they are. I have absolutely had too much alcohol to drink during the periods in my life when I have felt the worst. So maybe don´t just laugh at your friend next time she has too much to drink, be aware of the signs and patterns and act on your instincts when you feel you are right. Your friend needs you.

Much love,


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