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The importance of your own space

When I was in college I shared a room during two years. Freshman year, half of junior year and half of senior year. I was relatively lucky because I got along pretty well with all of my three room mates, but I am happy that this time of my life is over. When I was 6ish I also shared a room with my brothers, but since I was 9 or so and all the way up until college I have had my own room. 

I understand the positive sides with sharing a room with somebody in college, at least during your first year. It got a lot easier for me to meet new people since I always had B to talk to, and I got to meet the people she knew. I don´t think I could have had a better room mate than her my first year, because she was able to feel my mood and relate to me. We also did a lot of things together, ate together, bough booze together, went for spring break, etc. 

The thing though, with room mates, is that you are never sure when you will be alone. I am a social person, but in order to function well with other people, I need to be alone and recharge at least some part of my day. Since I spent a lot of time at the library, I was able to be alone there, even though it was always associated to studying. 

During sophomere year I was an RA (resident advisor, in charge of a floor with 20ish girls), which gave me the benefit of my own room. To be able to close my door, lock it, and spend as much time as I wanted alone in there was truly awesome for me. It is powerful to get to decide what one should do, not have to care about laying in bed an entire Sunday, watching tv shows and indulging mac´n´cheese and popcorn. 

I agree with Virginia Woolf, a woman (or any human being) needs her own room and space to be able to gather her thoughts and work, to rest and come out of there as a new person. I know many people that claim that they hate being alone, and always want to be around people. But I think we could all benefit from bein on our own, because it makes us get to know ourselves and to relax in our thoughts. (Photo cred: aroom.org)


Having your own room also makes it possible to do things that you want to be alone doing: draw, eat candy, masturbate, make out (this one includes partner), lay in your bed facing the ceiling, etc. All things that are good for you, and makes you take care of yourself. 

Spend some time alone today, doing nothing or doing something. After all, it´s Sunday. 


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