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What is it with old men and just talking AT me?

Many times I have had the experience of older men speaking AT me, at parties, gatherings, the workplace, on the phone, etc. What is this about? They are not explicitly rude, but leaving me no chance to discuss or give my opinion. It´s just yappety-yap own opinion blah blah blah.

Take one of my relatives for example (mid-fifties), every time I see him he just keep telling me what to do with my life even though he is not even in the same field. I´m not sure about this, but maybe it´s because I´m a young woman. There are other people he listens to. I would really appreciate if he would for once pay attention to what I have to say. You know, it´s called a conversation, I didn´t sign up for a monologue.

I also have a previous colleague who once gave me a monologue, talking about where I should study my master´s degree and why. I had never heard about this university, and let me tell you, I have done some research on master´s programmes in my field. Nope, when I tried to say something he just kept talking. It got really weird because I was just standing there, mute, while he kept talking about this subject he didn´t know anything about (at least that´s what I thought). It made me so angry that I wa snot able to cut him off and leave the situations. I felt rude and stupid. It could also be because of the way he was talking down to me, like I REALLY didn´t know what I was talking about.

Thoughts on this? Are older men prone to just talking away, not listening to others?


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