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I am on instagram and every day I see many young girls uploading pictures of themselves in positions I assume are meant to be sexually suggestive/ “sexy” posing, etc. Of course we all want to be liked and noticed, but it makes me sad to see that it is so common for girls to put themselves out in this way. BUT it is their right to put up whatever THEY want, it´s nobody´s business to tell them what to do.

Even worse than these pictures/videos is the the slutshaming that goes on, where people comment on these pictures, or even are the ones putting them out with out the girl´s consent. A dear friend sent me this link and I suggest you listen to it, it´s disturbing and sad, but it is the truth about what is going on out there.


It is definitely some heavy material you have in your hands when choosing to publish sexually suggestive/ naked pictures of young girls or women. Of course it is awful to become published on a website this way, but even worse when people start commenting on the pictures, about you being a slut, the way you look, etc, etc. People are letting these women down. Maybe they posed for a boyfriend/girlfriend, thinking nothing of it, doing it as an intimate thing. And then they are being published for the whole world to see. Or they took the pictures for themselves, for their own reasons, and somebody steals and puts them up.

Where does this hate come from? To try and destroy somebody´s life and make her feel awful in her own body?


PS. Please watch this awesome woman.


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2 thoughts on “Slutshaming

  1. belinda on said:

    Han! Do you follow Laci Green? Did you see her video comment on the slutshaming video from Jenna Marbles? Do! btw, last week two facebook pages got shot down by Belgian institutions as they were posting pictures from several girls and calling them whores. It was quite huge news here.

    • Hey! Thank you for reminding me, I have seen Laci´s video on this and she´s pretty great!
      Thank you for the info on the Belgian websites, we had some protests and stuff here in Gothenburg a few weeks ago, mainly about the same thing. Good to hear this is happening.

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