Young Women Leaders

Thank you for the support on “Scaring the Shit out of Bros”

When I was about to publish the above mentioned post I hesitated for a while because I was scared of what people might think. I was scared that I would be seen as making fun of bros (which… I actually was…) and that especially people I went to college would think that I overreacted.

But then I realized that I really do believe and agree with what I wrote, and there´s no need for me to censor myself in this. If you think I was wrong, please discuss with me or we can agree to disagree and not be friends.

What really made me happy was the response I got from people. Some sent me messages on FB, some retweeted, some liked it and one of my (male) friends sent me a text that “we are going to talk so much about equality, just so you know!” next week when I meet up with some friends. Also super happy that one of my friends from college asked me to do a guest entry for his blog (more to come on that), especially since I thought of him as a male that could handle being around strong women when I wrote the entry.

Anyhow, THANK YOU for supporting!


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