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Self-Compassion á la The Ladies´ World

Hello, remember when I wrote about self-compassion? Yes, me too! (my mom even took the self-compassion test.) More to come on this:

I randomly started subscribing to this fashion/women´s magazine called The Ladies´ World (Damernas Värld) a few months ago. I ONLY ever read women´s magazines/gossip magazines at the hairdresser because I usually think they are so fulled of stupid stuff that I don´t want to spend the money. But this magazine is ok, plus they have some good stuff in their gift shop (that´s why I begun subscribing in the first place). AND today they wrote about compassion/self-compassion!

Apparently the word self-compassion doesn´t exist in the Swedish language, which of course makes it even harder to practice. Swedish has fewer words than English (naturally bc it´s a small language for a small country) so this happens every once in a while. One translation is medkänsla, but it doesn´t really get the entire meaning of the word.

Anyhow, I love when you are totally into one thing and then SOMEBODY ELSE is interested too! And this is very important to recognize for women in leadership.



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2 thoughts on “Self-Compassion á la The Ladies´ World

  1. belinda on said:

    The Gentlewoman is also a nice magazine!

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