Young Women Leaders

Funny women

I like being fun. Ney, I LOVE being fun, having fun and being funny. Having the ability to be funny is part practice, part skill and part daring I believe. I don´t particularly think I am funny, but I really wish I was. Who doesn´t love a funny, laid-back woman who takes on life like a piece of cake? Actually, not too many of these women are actually portrayed out there. Women in comedy often get to play some side role as mom, wife, gf or something along those lines. Or some sexy side-kick. Blargh.

But hey, there´s some funny women out there, allowed to be fun for who they are and kicking serious ass doing so. Here are a few examples:
– Zooey Deschanel, singer/songwriter/actress/musician. Quirky, odd, smart and FUN in “New Girl.” Plus makes music with “She and Him.”
– Rebel Wilson, actress, writer, stand-up comedian. Brynn in “Bridesmaids.” You know, gets that “Mexican Drinking Worm” tattooed on her back?
– Wanda Sykes!, writer, comedian, artist, voice artist. This is one of my favorite clips with her.

Funny, yet intelligent and sharp.

– Ellen DeGeneres, TV host, own show, HELLO???
– Kristen Wiig, actress, comedian, writer. Annie from “Bridesmaids,” SNL, etc. etc.
– Mayah Rudolph, actress, comedian, singer. Lillian from “Bridesmaids.”


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