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Inspiration, last part of 2012: My Vingren and Frida Olsson

For New Year´s Eve I was invited to a party with some of my friends. Not only was there a lot of food, great people and awesome music. I got to dance dance dance with people that were relaxed about dancing, having fun and not caring about looks (still looked great dancing though). 
I got sweaty and exhausted, all worth it! Having that much fun doing something I love was fantastic. 

There were also two great performers at this party, My Vingren (spoken word), http://www.myvingren.se and Frida Olsson (rapper) who I have not been able to find a website for yet. 

I was so inspired by both of their performances. My was up first, and her spoken word poetry (or what should I call it?) was straight on, not apologizing for herself and putting her finger on so many things that we do that are awkward, cool, weird and amazing. Really nailed it I think. 

Frida was humourus, fund and super cool. She got the entire crowd to answere back at her in one of her songs and the music really had everybody pumped up!

So thank you My and Frida for not being afraid to mention racism and sexism, and for those strong and awesome women that you are. Truly inspirational!


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