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Your virginity is not your most precious gift

My mom is a fan of 90210, Beverly Hills. She has all the seasons on dvd and since it is Christmas break I watched about half an episode with her this morning. Well, nothing more wrong with 90210 than any other TV show really, but one thing that stuck with me was a scene where one of the actors is contemplating losing her virginity to her boyfriend.
Rosey O´Donnell is for some reason in the episode, and she tells the actress (in my own words) that she has done the right thing saving herself for marriage and that she should not let her boyfriend persuade her otherwise.
Then the character goes to her priest that says basically the same thing. He also mentions that “your virginity is a gift.”

So many problems with this:
1. A woman´s worth is not determined by whether or not she is still a virgin. I know, you probably know this, but let´s be honest, that thought still lingers, right? Many more women are proud to save themselves for marriage than there are men out there.
Disclaimer: I totally think it´s ok to save yourself for marriage, it just has to be done in a fair way for everybody.
2. A woman has her own sexuality, who´s to say that this character doesn´t want to have sex? Which it seems like she does, only there is so much guilt for her because she has been raised to believe that she should save herself.
3. Whaddup super loser boyfriend who is pressuring his gf to sex? Really? We are still accepting that men (supposedly) pressure their gfs to sex? Listen, if anybody (man or woman) is pressuring the other part to sex, dump their sorry butts!
I wish Ms. O´Donnell would´ve said this instead: If you want to have sex – enjoy it, but be safe. If anybody is pressuring the other for sex – look around for a more loving, caring partner.

Your virginity is not your most precious gift. It is your care, love, intimacy, humor and inner self that you want to share with others, be it a partner or a friend.
One thing that the priest says that is actually clever, I have to give him this is “No matter what you do, God still loves you.” True that.


Photo cred: problemsolved90210.wordpress.com

Photo cred: problemsolved90210.wordpress.com


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