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Why lipstick is important to me

Lipstick makes me powerful. When putting it on I add the color that will make my day. Most of the time it’s red. Like a strawberry, raspberry or cherries.

But don’t let the fruity colors fool you. Lipstick gives me power. It’s a whole deal to put it on, a ceremony. It makes me aware of what I’m saying and it straightens my back. I walk taller. I form even (if possible) smarter sentences. It makes a mark on my coffee mug. Saying “I’m here!”

Lipstick makes me feel older, more experienced, braver. Makes me feel like I’m with Condi Rice, Hil Rodham Clinton, Geena Davis, Margot Wallström, Tina Fey, Angela Merkel, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman. Ready to go out and make some change, kick some ass.

If you want to add some power to your life I recommend this: buy a lipstick and choose a color that makes you feel fab.


Red and Coral Like A Boss

Above: MK sunset and L’oreal coral dating. The only dates I have time for are the ones with my career.

You Look Good With That Lipstick.


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