Young Women Leaders

What to do when the day just f-ing sucks

Dear friends,

I´m not sure who you are or what you do, but I am almost positive that you sometimes get the feeling that life is complete and absolute crap. I´m not sure where this feeling comes from all the time, I mean, sometimes it´s obvious that you will feel like shit if you screw up at work, you get dumped or if somebody just insults the living spirit out of yourself.

But my experience is that sometimes this feeling just comes from (appearingly) nowhere. It can hit me in the middle of a normal (but boring) workday where I just get the feeling that I want to go home and just cry my eyes out. It can be because I suddenly feel like there´s nothing worth living for just because I am single, working with something I am not always interested in, and living where I do not want to live.

Unfortunately my coping mechanisms with this kind of stuff are not the greatest. I usually give in to these feelings of hopelessness and mope around for the rest of the day until I can go home and sleep the feeling off.
BUT there are better ways to handle this and I think they should all be based on showing yourself what an awesome life you are actually living and how great you are.

Maybe a few of these tips will help:
– Work out (will make you feel healthy and strong afterwords)
– Cook something nutritious and tasty and share with somebody (will make you feel good on the inside and talking will do wonders)
– Call a friend and tell them you´re feeling shitty (because it´s better to get it out there and a true friend will support you in this and you can help him/her next time)
– Listen to some strong woman music like Beyoncé, Destiny´s Child, TLC, Loreen or artist of your choice (and yes, it´s not just for women these songs, I´m sure men will feel empowered as well. Sing with it!)
– Make something with your own hands and use your creativity (it may be music, art, jewellery, post-it-note Christmas trees, food, whatever floats your boat)
– Make a list of all the things your f-ing fab at and repeat to self (or call a friend and ask them to tell you. Do the same for them)

Finally, from me to you – You Look F-ing Good! Period.


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