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I had a bad dream that made me start blogging

Two nights ago I had two very vivid dreams. One of them was about a friend getting pregnant and using drugs during the pregnancy. The other was about me being part of a choir but not knowing any of the songs, standing in the wrong place and not being accepted by the other singers.

Naturally these dreams were of course VERY scary 😉 and so I went to my personal dream-interpretor: my mom. She claims all people in your dreams are yourself and you should pay attention to what you are trying to tell yourself.

Mom´s Interpretation 1: I have something unborn, unused, inside me that needs to come out and I´m afraid I am destroying it since I am currently not working with what I want to do in the future (women´s leadership).

Mom´s interpretation 2: I have been trying to get a foot in the door of women´s development, leadership, etc. here in Sweden and I have not succeeded yet. I have knowledge, it is just not being of use.

Wow. Both of these things are true. I wrote an e-mail about this to my mentor in the USA and he recommended me to start blogging, making something of these ideas that I have and try to get out there with all the skills that I have.
So that is what I am doing right now. I am taking initiative and action. Hopefully somebody out there will be inspired by whatever it is that I write.

Ya look good, remember that.

Post 1

Post 1, check out my green nail-polish with pink glitter. Fashion lives here.


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One thought on “I had a bad dream that made me start blogging

  1. Always important to act on your talents and inclinations, because no one is alone and many feel that their talents are not used, being developed, and even recognized. Happy to see a blog for all of those reasons developed around women’s leadership and women who can be allies in a world that so desperately needs them.

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